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About Us

Founded in 1985, Christiansen Insurance Services emphasizes an independent agency approach in sorting through the “alphabet soup” of Medicare. As an independent, Christiansen Insurance Services is able to offer the area’s leading plans to its customers without regard to sales quotas or outside pressure from the insurance companies. Customers receive the value-added benefit of our ability to shop one company against the other while getting the best possible insurance plan at the lowest possible cost.

“Whatever works best for the customer” is the type of plan Christiansen Insurance Services recommends to new customers and existing clients. Health plan recommendations are tailored to the individual’s needs; Christiansen Insurance Services uses state-of-the-art analytical tools to help select the most cost effective plans. For example, CIS employs the Medicare Plan Finder, a service from Medicare, to help customers find the lowest cost Part D prescription drug plans. Plan Finder analyzes a beneficiary’s unique list of prescription drugs and compares premium versus copay, to recommend the most cost effective Part D plans.